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100mm 1000W Angle Grinder with Toggle Switch


  • It is a corded 1000 watt motor with a no load speed of 10000 rpm

  • It supports a 4-inch cutting or sanding wheel and has a 2 meter long cable

  • Sealed toggle switch provides protection from dust and filings, extending switch life

Product Description

  • This power tool is engineered with high quality plastic which makes it highly durable and efficient.

  • It has a compact gear case for easy usage.

  • The advanced fan system of this grinder provides maximum airflow for a prolonged motor life.

  • The angle grinder has a sealed toggle switch which prevents any dust or dirt particles from entering into the machine.

  • This switch is quality tested for smooth operation.

  • It enables the user to operate the grinder without the necessity of controlling the trigger.

Technical Data

  • Power Input: 1000W

  • Disc Diameter: 100mm

  • Switch Type: Toggle

  • No Load Speed: 10000 RPM

  • Spindle Thread: M14

  • Weight: 1.8kg

  • Length x Height: 270 x 80 mm

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