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GST 650

High-quality Bosch standards within reach


  • Economical with durable design and reliable Bosch technology for great results

  • Adjustable stroke rate for various materials; individual speed selection wheel for easy handling

  • Compact design, minimal vibration, slim handle, and lightweight for easy use


Product Description

  • Ease of use and carrying around: Adjustable stroke-rate for various materials, Individual speed selection wheel, Minimal vibration, lightweight and convenient with slim handle to carry around

  • Cutting depth: Cutting depth in wood: 65 mm, Cutting depth in aluminium: 10 mm, Cutting depth in non-alloyed steel: 3 mm

  • Package contents: Order / Part number: 06015A80F0; 1 x jigsaw blade T 111 C, Basic for Wood (Part number: 2608630808), Hex key, Cardboard box

  • Warranty 6 Months from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)

  • Weight: 1.90 kilograms+^+High-quality Bosch standards within reach. Designed for Installers, Interior decorators, Renovators, Carpenters.+^+Application: Electric powered & Intended for cuts and cut-outs in wood, plastic, metal, ceramic plates, rubber (Suitable for straight and curved cuts with mitre angles to 45°). Used for curve cutting on furniture, interior decorations.

Technical Data

  • Input power: 450W

  • No load speed: 800 - 3100 spm

  • Weight: 1.9 kg

  • Length of the race: 18mm

  • Depth of cut in wood: 65mm

  • Depth of cut in aluminium: 10mm

  • Depth of cut in non-alloy steel: 3mm

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