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Engineered for precise Aluminium Cutting


  • High cutting efficiency and cutting precision

  • High performance of frequent aluminium cutting


Product Description

  • The Bosch 1700W Mitre Saw is a powerful and precise saw that is perfect for a variety of woodworking and carpentry projects.

  • With a powerful motor and a large cutting capacity, this saw can handle even the most challenging cuts with ease.

  • A trusty and durable mitre saw from Bosch, perfect for a variety of woodwork projects.

  • With a 255 mm blade diameter and a no load speed of 4800 rpm, this mitre saw is sure to make quick and easy work of even the most challenging cuts.

  • It also comes with a handy 6 month warranty, just in case you run into any issue.

  • The Mitre Saw is a versatile power tool that can be used for a variety of applications, such as cutting wood, metal or plastic.

Technical Data

  • Saw blade diameter: 254 mm

  • Mitre setting: 47 ° L / 52 ° R

  • Bevel setting: 45 ° L

  • Saw blade bore diameter: 25.4 mm

  • Rated input power: 1,700 W

  • Cutting capacity: 0°89 x 89 mm

  • Cutting capacity: 45° mitre 62 x 130 mm

  • Cutting capacity: 45° bevel 86 x 67 mm

  • Tool dimensions (width x length x height): 535 x475 x330 mm

  • No-load speed: 4,800 rpm

  • Weight: 16.08 kg

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